Öhlins TTX2Air Universal bakdämpare


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Ej lagervara, denna beställs från Öhlins när du gör din beställning.
Meddela i kassan vilket mått du behöver.
TTX highly adjustable compression valve technology
Double-can design with larger air volume in both positive and negative chamber
Adjustable HSC (High-Speed Compression), LSC (Low-Speed Compression) and rebound damping
Climb mode
Race proven setting bank, to suit any type of riding or linkage design
Air spring volume spacers included as standard in the shock kit
Available in standard metric lengths
190 x 45/42.5/40/37.5mm
210 x 55/52.5/50/47.5mm
230 x 65/62.5/60/57.5mm
Maximum air pressure up to 325 PSI
Delivered with the longest stroke, plus the additional parts required to alter the stroke
451 grams (190 x 45mm)

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