SRAM GX Eagle 12-Speed bakväxel


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Bakväxel som passar med alla 12s eagle reglage.


Cross Country, All Mountain, Enduro

max 52T


Developed specifically for 1x drivetrains, X-Actuation keeps shifting sharp and consistent across the entire cassette.

Roller Bearing Clutch™:
Rear derailleurs with Roller Bearing Clutch are equipped for rough and demanding terrain. Unimpressed by a ground full of roots, stones or rocks, the technology ensures a stable rear derailleur and prevents beating chains. The rear derailleur thus offers maximum drive stability without compromising on precision or performance.

Cage Lock™:
Thanks to the rear derailleur’s Cage-Lock technology, the chain and the rear wheel can be fitted and removed really easily. Simply release the chain tension by pushing the shift cage forward and locking it.

The parallelogram design of X-Horizon derailleurs limits movement along the horizontal axis, eliminating ghost shifting and reducing needed shifting force. The large offset of the upper shifting roller ensures a constant chain distance in every gear for faster and more precise shifting.

The X-Sync tooth design is characterised by long, rounded and slanted tooth edges with a narrow profile. Derailleur pulleys with X-Sync technology support the chain guide and remain unaffected by dust and mud.

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